Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Road Trip - 2013 Edition (Introduction)

It all started with a Dave Matthews Band concert at the Gorge Amphitheatre.  I'd had enough of hearing people tell me about how amazing it was and wanted to experience it for myself.  It combines some of my favorite things in life: camping, grilling, beer, and Dave. Not to mention the view, which speaks for itself.

After I found out that The Head And The Heart was opening for Dave, it was a done deal. (I might detail my background with both bands in a separate post).  I bought lawn tickets and a camping pass for the 3 day show and locked myself in to go.

My plan was to drive to the show from Davis and make a mini road trip out of it.  But after I booked a ticket leaving Chicago to Munich for my round-the-world trip (more on that later), Julia suggested we make a road trip out of it, starting in Davis, ending in Milwaukee (hometown).  It made sense for lots of reasons, but I think what mainly attracted me to the idea was getting to go on an adventure, of course.  A 3 week, jam-packed epic trip across the country with my girlfriend, culminating with a week in my hometown (she's hasn't met my parents or most of my Milwaukee friends yet).

And so, many months of planning commenced, leading to this beauty:

More than 12 campgrounds across state/national parks including Redwood, Olympic, Glacier, Yellowstone, Grand Teton, and Badlands National Parks.  Throw in some breweries and some cool cities plus the concert and you have the recipe for a pretty awesome road trip.

This was just an introduction, hopefully I'll have time to update the blog along the way.  If you have suggestions for my route, fire away.

Until next time...

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